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DUOTAC FLUIDAdhesive lubricants available in a variety of grades to provide for a wide range of operating conditions and various methods of application. Selected crudes and a special refining process give DUOTAC FLUIDS their outstanding lubricating qualities along its excellent adhesive properties. recommended for open gearing, wire rope, slides railroad center plates and serve many similar applications in steel mills, paper mills, and on machine tools. They can be applied at room temperature by spraying, hand brushing or dipping.AGMA EP 251.02
MINERAL SEAL OILNarrow cut, straight run, highly paraffinic distillate, low in aromatic and unsaturated compounds. It is practically odourless. ideal dielectric fluid for use in electrical discharge machining.

RENOLIN FORMENOLE is designed for lubricating moulds used to make plain and reinforced concrete and earthenware products. It is suitable for application by brush, roller or spray gun to moulds and shuttering made of steel, wood, concrete and other materials.

White oils manufactured from severely refined and hydro-treated crude oil distillates suitable for pharmaceutical Cosmetics, and Food industries.
US FDA 21 CFR 172.878
US FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (a)
NSF 3H, H1, HX-1 Listed

LD 10
Industrial flushing oil.

RP 4107 S
Thixotropic, barium-free, corrosion protection oils. Outstanding protection even under extreme climatic conditions.

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