Fuchs Oil


Showlaq United Enterprises Ltd. is the Exclusive Distributor of FUCHS Lubricants and Greases in the Republic of
Yemen. The company was established in 1996 and has been building a very strong market for FUCHS products in Yemen. 

The head office is located in the capital of Yemen Sana'a and three sales centers are located in the main cities Taiz, Aden and Hodeidah meeting customers’ needs immediately and efficiently. The company has also very strong distribution channels all over Yemen. 

The company sources FUCHS lubricants and Greases from more that 50 FUCHS manufacturing facilities over the world to meet its customers' needs and requirements.


FUCHS, founded in 1931 as a family firm in Mannheim, Germany, is nowadays a globally operating corporation, and the world's leading supplier of lubricants among the independent companies.

FUCHS is a top-ranking front-runner: with a complete range of lubricants as its core program. With customized specialty solutions for multifarious market niches to complement its standard products. With comprehensive consultancy and service capabilities.

FUCHS offers lubricants for hundreds of applications - including lubricants for car-drivers and motor-cyclists, goods transport, passenger traffic, mining companies, the steel industry, vehicle and machinery construction, the building trade and agricultural equipment.


A Brand Conquers the World

A company that combines tradition with progress is best poised to meet the challenges of the future. 

FUCHS is recognized around the world for its innovative lubricants and related specialty products for industry. As a Group with global reach, we have not forgotten our roots: our headquarters are located in Mannheim, where it all began.

In 1931, Rudolf Fuchs founded his import and sales company for high-quality refinery products. Just 20 years later he made his first deliveries to customers abroad. International business relationships became important early in the company’s history. In the 1960’s, the company increased its activities in international markets. Two main developments characterized the 70’s and 80’s: specialization and expansion. Product selection was expanded continuously and tailored to the special needs of our partners. Investment acquisitions, takeovers, and new business starts around the globe gave expression to our successful corporate strategy. In the early 90’s, all activities were focussed on the core business: lubricants. Sales become strongest in the Western European, North American, and Asian-Pacific markets. Today, the Group is headed by FUCHS PETROLUB SE in Mannheim, with stock exchange listings in Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

1931   Founding of the RUDOLF FUCHS Company in Mannheim. Import and sales of high-quality pennsylvanian refinery products.                   Development of a regional motor oil business.
1936   Start of in-house production. Opening of first off-site facility in Munich.
1939   War breaks out. Importation of pennsylvanian oils interrupted. Traditional oil suppliers go out of business. Company moves                 to the Mannheim industrial harbor and opens a sales office in Austria.
1945   War ends. Sales bottom out at 1,021 metric tons.
1946   Rebuilding of operation in Mannheim. First chemist and engineering specialist hired.
1947   Development of sales organization. Focus on supplying industry for rebuilding; the industrial business surpasses FUCHS                       motor oil sales for the first time.
1948   FUCHS lubricants promoted at German automobile race courses.
1949   Rudolf Fuchs and the German truck industry develop an HD oil for diesel engines.
1952   Number of employees exceeds 200. First shipments to the Middle East.
1959   Death of company founder Rudolf Fuchs. Company continues as a family business.
1960   Expansion of sales offices in Europa. Major construction projects at the Mannheim and Hannover facilities. Manfred Fuchs                   joins the management board.
1966   Exports of industrial specialty products accelerate. Additional foreign offices open in many European countries.
1968   First step to make the company international in scope with the founding of subsidiaries in France and Spain.
1971   Growing specialization of the product line. In Mannheim, 33 employees now work in Research, Development, and Quality                     Assurance.
1972   FUCHS becomes a group of companies. The German business is spun off and made independent as                                                           FUCHS MINERALOELWERKE GMBH. RUDOLF FUCHS GMBH & CO. acts solely as a holding company. Strong expansion defines               the period from 1972 to 1991. Acquisitions are made every year.
1975   Founding of FUCHS BETEILIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT KG in Mannheim and initial opening of the Group for outside investors by               private placement of limited partner’s shares.
1976   Consolidation of foreign activities in the newly founded FUCHS INTEROIL GMBH in Mannheim.
1981   Company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Founding of FUCHS PETROLUB AG in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. Acquisitions and new             business starts in Germany and other countries. The company, which originally operated almost exclusively in Germany,                       becomes a diversified Group with a global reach, now comprising 80 production and trading companies.
1984   Transformation of the Mannheim-based FUCHS BETEILIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT KG into FUCHS PETROLUB AG OEL + CHEMIE                 and consolidation of all German affiliates in this corporation.
1985   Introduction of preferred shares of FUCHS PETROLUB AG OEL + CHEMIE on the Frankfurt and Stuttgart stock exchanges.
            The first rapidly biodegradable PLANTO product, a chain saw oil, enters the market. Development of our comprehensive                       product line based on natural raw materials began in the late 1970’s.
1988   Cornerstone laid for the new administration building for the Mannheim Holding Company.
1991   Conclusion of the expansion phase with important acquisitions in England and France. Start of a consolidation phase that will             last into the second half of the 1990’s. Focus on the core lubricant business.
1997   Consolidation of the German and Swiss Group holding companies under the umbrella of the German FUCHS PETROLUB AG in             Mannheim with stock exchange listings in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Zurich.
1999   With the founding of FUCHS EUROPE, integration of Western European companies outside Germany is accelerated.
2000   FUCHS PETROLUB AG becomes the world’s largest supplier of lubricants among the independent producers, with sales of 900             million euros and 4,000 employees. Additional office space is built at company headquarters in Mannheim to accommodate                 all employees.
2001   Start-up of the fully-automated logistics center of FUCHS DEA SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH & CO. KG.
2002   As of January 1, 2002, DEA Mineraloel AG withdraws as partner of the joint venture with the company subsequently renamed               FUCHS EUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE, thus enabling the Group to fully incorporate this largest subsidiary into the West European               activities.
2004   Dr. Manfred Fuchs, who has led the company for 41 years and made it into one of the world’s leading lubricant producers, is               to retire as Chairman of the Executive Board. He will be succeeded by his son, Stefan Fuchs.
2006   75th company anniversary with payout of bonus dividend and bonus share. With more than 4,000 employees in 60                               operating companies worldwide, the Group generates sales revenues of €1.2 billion.
            Sale of the LIPPERT-UNIPOL group operating in the field of surface technology in order to focus the Group on the lubricant                   business.
2007   FUCHS takes over two small industrial lubricants companies in Brazil.
            Start of the share buy back program up from the 10th of May.
2008   FUCHS takes over the majority of the japanese joint venture and signs with the company name FUCHS JAPAN LTD.
            Promotion to the MDAX effected by June 23, 2008.
            FUCHS announces an investment initiative in the amount of 70 Mio € for the expansion of research and development, the                     strengthening of its specialty business and the creation of additional capacities in the growth markets of Brazil, China and                     India.
            FUCHS acquires the industrial lubricants business of MS Fluid Technologies in the USA with effect from October 1, 2008.
            FUCHS PETROLUB opens its new Chinese factory in NanXiang (Shanghai province) on October 17, 2008. The modern factory                 will serve as the headquarters for FUCHS' activities in China as well as the research and development centre for the FUCHS                   Group in Asia. 
2009   FUCHS opens the new head office of FUCHS LUBRITECH in Kaiserslautern.
2010   FUCHS acquires the worldwide food grade specialty lubricants business of Shell International Petroleum, London with effect               from October 1.
            FUCHS PETROLUB is committed to the “Guiding Principles for Responsible Behavior in the Industry”.
            At the Mannheim site, the new sales center of FUCHS EUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE was officially inaugurated.
            In December, FUCHS LUBRICANTS (INDIA) started the operation of its new plant in Ambernath near Mumbai.

2011   At the end of May, FUCHS will look back on the 80 years of successful corporate history at the Mannheim site.
2012   FUCHS extends its joint venture in Turkey to include the business with automotive lubricants.
2013   Change of FUCHS PETROLUB AG to a European Company (Societas Euopaea): FUCHS PETROLUB SE.